The Social Alchemy in Egypt

I have been to Egypt to study the ancient roots of alchemy and have made many friends there. They invited me into their homes and allowed me join in late night discussions, where I felt the seeds of discontent and witnessed the alchemic vitriol flowing from their hearts and spreading among the people. That sulfuric substance, growing in the darkness for so many years, finally erupted into the fiery light of Calcination when the protesters took it to the streets with their torches and bonfires and formed a cauldron of transformation in Tahrir Square ("Liberation Square").
The watery Dissolution was sudden and complete. Bureaucratic, social, and economic structures that supported Egypt dissolved overnight and unleashed chaos in the cities. Even then, the people did not waver. Their resolute Separation from the old regime continued and became more deeply embedded every day.
And the turning point, the divine Conjunction, occurred at their darkest hour, when Mubarak's thugs invaded in well-organized waves of brutality. The Conjunction took place in the hearts those who found protection huddled in front of the ancient treasures inside the Egyptian Museum. There in the night, hidden behind corrugated steel sheets they took from a nearby construction site, outnumbered and isolated, they spontaneously picked up whatever was at hand -- pipes, pieces of steel, lumber -- and started banging on the corrugated walls in front of them. Their individual voices joined in a deafening cadence of unity that spread throughout the square. That primal drumming carried the collective heartbeat of the protesters, and it told the supporters of Mubarak: "We will not go away! Though you kill us all, a new spirit has been born in this country that shall have revenge on the martyrs and come into being no matter what you do."

Our Egyptian brothers and sisters have made us proud, and the birthplace of alchemy has demonstrated its validity in the modern world in such a pure and peaceful way. In 18 days, the social alchemists in Egypt have cast off the shackles of 30 years of oppression. Their Fermentation is just beginning, and from the chaos and lack of leadership will emerge the light of new inspiration, new ideas, and new leaders. If all goes well, the Distillation and purification of what has occurred will be complete, and we will witness the Coagulation of a new government of the people.
May the rest of the world awaken to the universal principles of transformation demonstrated there, and may all the encrusted dictators on all levels of government be dissolved as quickly, so that the everyone in the vessel of Earth shall one day be as free, aware, and fully alive as we were all intended to be.
Long live Egypt!
Dennis William Hauck


About the Images

Left: The Giza Plateau with Sphinx and Pyramid of Cheops. Right: The colors of the Egyptian flag are the colors of the stages of alchemy (Black Nigredo; White Albedo; Red Rubedo). They correspond to Lower, Middle, and Upper Egypt.