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Rose+Croix JournalThe Roots of a Science of Consciousness in Hermetic Alchemy (Click on Cover to open)

Rose+Croix Journal, Volume 11, Winter 2016. By Dennis William Hauck

Alchemy is not only the origin of systematic experimentation and chemistry but also the first attempt to create a cohesive science of consciousness. This article explores the development of this new science in the work of the leading alchemists and Hermetic philosophers of the Renaissance. The article focuses on the original work of Paracelsus, Isaac Newton, Gottfried Leibniz, John Locke, Geothe, and others.  




Click to DownloadThe Alchemy Exhibit in the Egyptian Museum at Rosicrucian Park (Click on Cover to open)

Download Audio RecordingRosicrucian Digest, Volume 94, No.1, 2016. By Dennis William Hauck

This detailed tour through the Alchemy Exhibit at the Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California, focuses on the universal operations of alchemy as they are practiced in the lab as well as in spiritual work. The exhibit includes a reproduction of a working alchemists laboratory from the 1500s, as well as a full-size reproduction of the Ripley Scroll, and a unique enclave featuring a guided alchemical meditation practiced by alchemists for centuries. Written by curator and designer Dennis William Hauck, who also narrates the tour.





Rose+Croix Journal 2014Searching for the Cosmic Quintessence: How the Alchemists Meditated in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Click on Cover to open)

Download Audio RecordingRose+Croix Journal, Volume 10, 2014. By Dennis William Hauck

The meditative techniques practiced by alchemists in the Middle Ages were different from what we think of as meditation today. Alchemical meditation was an active instead of a passive activity, and it focused on harnessing spiritual forces for positive transformation and specific manifestations. The alchemists sought to actually work with the transcendental powers during meditation to achieve union with the divine mind or somehow bring the transformative powers from Above directly into their practical work in the lab or their personal work in the inner laboratory of their souls. This paper reviews actual meditations practiced by alchemists. 




Rosicrucian DigestThe Philosopher's Stone: Physical or Philosophical? (Click on Cover to open)

Download Audio RecordingRosicrucian Digest, Volume 91 Number 1 2013. By Dennis William Hauck

This is the thirteenth in a series of thematic issues of the highly respsected Rosicrucian Digest exploring sources that have contributed to the Rosicrucian tradition. This issue is dedicated to Alchemy. The article reviews the history of the Philosopher's Stone as a key to both physical and spiritual perfection. The articles includes images of what the Stone looked like and a discussion of the symbolism of the ciphers representing it.  Read the Philosopher's Stone article. Download the complete issue of the Rosicrucian Digest. Download the free Kindle version. To download an audio recording of the article, click on the icon at left above.



Materia Prima: The Nature of the First Matter in the Esoteric and Scientific Traditions  (Click Cover to open)

Rose+Croix Journal, Volume 8, 2011. Presented at the Hidden In Plain Sight Conference, Rosicrucian Order, San Jose, California, by Dennis William Hauck  

The alchemists believed that no transformation—whether in the laboratory, in the body, or in the soul—could succeed without the presence of a mysterious ingredient known as the Materia Prima (First Matter). Nothing was more important to alchemist’s work than this energetic essence, which they believed could be extracted from any substance and actually rendered tangible and visible. This paper examines the nature and properties of the elusive First Matter. We will look at how the alchemists exposed it, accumulated it, and worked with it to accomplish the regeneration of the substance at hand. We will explore how the concept of the First Matter evolved in both the scientific and esoteric traditions to become a fundamental, although often unrecognized, tenet of both modern Hermeticism and modern physics.
























Alchemy Journal - "From the Fire" (Regular Column Fall 2000-2006)

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