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by Dennis William Hauck

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This biography of William Shatner adds some surprises beyond all the stories of his eccentric behavior and reveals what makes the man tick. The author has done his footwork, talking to all the cast and crew and sifting through fifty years of archives. He has come up with many amazing insights, including the shocking, untold story of what was really behind the Star Trek franchise. Yet, this book is intended for people who don’t give a damn about Star Trek. It is a moving portrait of a fascinating man, an in-depth and often unsettling biography of a modern icon.


Dennis William Hauck is an author and lecturer working to facilitate personal and planetary transformation. His interests include consciousness studies, Jungian psychology, personal alchemy, and mystical and paranormal experiences. He worked with Shatner in the film Mysteries of the Gods and helped the star work through his own alien contactee experience. Impressed by Shatner’s prolific career as an actor, director, and writer, he summarized nearly 1,000 of his credits in William Shatner: A Bio-Bibliography, a reference book in Greenwood’s Performing Arts Series (1994). He also wrote a mass-market unauthorized biography of Shatner titled Captain Quirk (Kensington 1995).




A Transformed Man is a probing character study of one of the most iconic and recognizable persons on the face of the planet. This behind-the-scenes look at William Shatner’s amazing career and fascinating personal life uncovers the raw passion and powerful psychological forces behind his eccentric behavior, steamy relationships with women, and strained interactions with fellow actors.

"Captain Quirk" is what some members of the cast and crew of Star Trek called Shatner behind his back. But that nickname only hints at the actor's convoluted personality -- a product of the contrasting forces of his deep love of life and an overpowering ego. Shatner’s boundless energy springs from the struggle between these opposing forces in his temperament – what the author calls “John Wayne versus Truman Capote.”

More than just a celebrity bio, this book is a gripping tale of human transformation – how one of the biggest egos in Hollywood became a self-deprecating citizen of the Cosmos. Few people know the catalyst behind this metamorphosis. It was an encounter with something straight out of the Twilight Zone.

Order now!In 1967, while motorcycling in the Mojave Desert, the Captain of the Enterprise was abducted by aliens. At least that is how Shatner described it at the time. He believed he was in telepathic contact with an alien intelligence and was being groomed as one of earth's ambassadors to guide the planet into the galactic community.

Trying to recapture the experience, Shatner recorded a bizarre spoken-word album called “The Transformed Man” a few months later. He suddenly became a “spokesman for extraterrestrials” in scores of media interviews and started touring college campuses espousing his vision of what is needed for humans to accept alien life forms. Whether or not Shatner was really abducted, his encounter illustrates the psychological process that many paranormal witnesses go through. His initial high-energy euphoria at being chosen gradually transmuted into an effete bitterness when the aliens did not return for him. The experience crystallized into a facet of his personality that influenced his choices and behavior for the rest of his life. Readers will come away from this book with a greater appreciation of those underlying currents in this intense and colorful man – and a deeper understanding of the human condition.





Chapter 1: UFOs and Hollywood Stars

Chapter 2: A Cosmic Connection

Chapter 3: Toughie Takes ‘Em On

Chapter 4: Shakespeare to Howdy Doody

Chapter 5: Horatio Hornblower in Space

Chapter 6: Motorcycle Machismo

Chapter 7: The Lost Years

Chapter 8: The Captain's Return

Chapter 9: Mutiny on the Enterprise

Chapter 10: Sex, Aliens, and Palimony

Chapter 11: The Mystique of Star Trek

Chapter 12: Does God Need a Spaceship?

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William Shatner: A Transformed Man

A deceptively deep dive into the life and mind of a great actor.


By Literary Titan on October 9, 2017


Astonishingly prolific and with unbridled passion, William Shatner stands out as a stunning actor, writer and director with the zeal for mystical life or what some would notate as alien life. The author, Dennis William Hauck, runs an acoustic biography of a partner while working on the film Mysteries of the Gods. Dennis paints the preconceptions of William as an eccentric man who swings like a pendulum from condescending and boring to a nitpicking perfectionist character. The book is themed with “human evolution” what the author calls “transformation of a man” but focuses on once an influencer of the Hollywood Enterprise to the lost face in the industry.

I have three words for this book; exemplary, fluent and cozy-rosy. Dennis's artistic nature proves worth it to read the book as he weaves vague facts, whimsical musings and random thoughts into a bedazzled art piece. This book uses scintillating prose that brings out his crafty abilities, which inspire creative concepts in the publishing world.

My first thoughts were that an enticing aspect of William’s expressions and entitlement toward his position as a spokesperson for the alien community is surprising at first. However, a progression through the chapters evokes a mindset of withdrawal from the world. Literally, a journey through his life experience and success stands in the way of belief that such a prominent actor could turn psychic; Dennis does a good of making the reader wander between the two extremes.

Behind the scenes of the Star Trek franchise stood a celebrated modern icon who believed in telepathic experiences and cosmic intelligence, but without proof. Evidenced by the bizarre album The Transformed Man, it becomes easier to note how the author qualifies the metamorphosis of William’s character from one with a fascinating social life and dreamed-of career to a life of strained relationships with fellow actors, ego-centric behavior and unlikeable attention for women.

Dr. Andrija Puharich, a neurologist with keen interest in parapsychology, tends to bend his professional view towards the deep-seated belief that Uri Geller and Gene Roddenberry shared; these were characters who either could equally bring “sense” into extraterrestrial intelligence. For instance, Geller could bend metals or even disintegrate them. I believe this book effectively convinces its target audience to believe in what William stood for.

Dennis makes a closing case by reflecting on the temperament of his protagonist and relates the misconception William had towards his alien friends who, unfortunately, did not “come back” for him. The appreciation of normalcy in human life cannot be underplayed as this autobiography leaves the reader with deep contrasting thoughts of aliens and reality.

William Shatner – A Transformed Man by Dennis William Hauck is an exciting book to read as it probes a celebrity bio with a tale. This book has done more than just impress the publishing market; it has also popped out curious questions that keep the mind wondering what exactly was the thought-process of script writers, actors and directors behind the iconic movie, Star Trek.





The author’s sense of humor and understanding of Shatner shines through, making this a biography worth reading for anyone who enjoys the life stories of actors and people with strong personalities, and even avid Trekkies might enjoy the look at the other side of Shatner that this work provides.” – Ryan Lanz Reviews


“While taking jabs at our ever-heroic Captain Kirk has become quite fashionable, Dennis William Hauck has written a biography of William Shatner that adds a few surprises. I was expecting to hear the usual stories of Shatner's egotistical behavior but was treated instead to some insights into what really makes this man tick.” - Richard Sims in Captain's Log Magazine


“This biography is definitely not a whitewash. For instance, there's a view of the internal politics of Star Trek that explains much. The author has actually done his footwork on this one, talking to second tier Trek actors and sifting through archives.” - Peter Nichols in Postviews



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